Our Key Gardening Services in North London

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At Landscape Gardeners North London we strive for nothing but providing the best gardening services in North London. Each of the services in our portfolio is carried out by well-trained and vetted gardeners, ensuring that you receive the best for your garden.

Garden Design

gardening services in north londonOne of the notable aspects of garden design is our close work with the client through each of the steps in the process – initial meeting and discussion of requirements and preferences; budgeting; site survey; planning the design and construction work of the chosen features. We can take you through the process from A to Z with ease and expertise. Even if you are still new to gardening, you can leave the difficulties of garden design to us.

Garden Landscaping

It doesn’t matter if you already have an existing garden or you are starting from scratch – our garden landscaping services are well-tailored to fit all clients’ needs in North London. After the initial planning and design, our landscape gardeners will take on all of the work with enthusiasm and expertise. We are capable of doing wonders with both hard landscaping projects (paving, installing drainage and structures, construction) and soft landscaping (planting, soil preparation and laying turf). It won’t be long before you have the dream garden before you!

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance refers to all of the small tasks related to keeping your garden in a beautiful and presentable state. This means lawn care and mowing, pruning and weeding, bush/tree trimming and cutting, weeding, and much more. The burden of all these tasks combined is often too great. So why not let us deal with garden maintenance for you? That way you will have a great garden while retaining your free time to other enjoyable activities.

Garden Clearance 

If for example, you have just moved to a new home in North London and found out that the garden has been neglected, our garden clearance service is here to help. Such gardens are not nice and so will need some pruning of overgrown plants, trimming of hedges and weed removal. All of this, and more we offer at Landscape Gardeners North London, and it is just a single phone call on 020 3907 7269 away.

Lawn Care

landscaping services north LondonLawns can make or break the garden. If you have a lawn and you can invest enough time, it is a wonderful addition. However, you also have the option of booking our lawn care services and enjoying the soothing effect of the green. Thanks to comprehensive service, including mowing, edging, trimming, aeration and feeding, your lawn can become the best part of your garden. We offer regular service, so you needn’t worry about any time and labour-consuming chores in North London!

Patio Cleaning

If you have invested quite a lot in your patio, you wouldn’t want to see it in a state of mess. But it is not just aesthetics you need to consider – safety is also directly related to how clean your patio is, as too much clutter can make it slippery. For all these reasons, you need our patio cleaning. We will not only remove the clutter but also jet wash to remove all of the dirt and grime accumulated. As a result, your patio will look as inviting as brand new!

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